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Parapente Colima Miembros de la Federacion Mexicana de Parapente y Ala Delta

In this section you will find information on the main takeoffs for paragliding in Colima.

Main takeoff: Cerro La Cumbre

Iformation for all paragliders and hang gliders pilots

Cartel de seguridad para parapentes y alas delta de colima mexico

19º10'52.62 "N 103º41'31.33" O
Height above sea level
Types of gliders
Paragliders and hang gliders
Orientation takeoff
Best time to take off
between 11 and 13 hours
Possibilities during flight
90% of the days of the year you can fly
Best time to do Cross Country
Winter (December to March)
VHF radio frequency
145.950 MHz
Size takeoff
Big: 60m long x 25m wide (five wings)
Recommended level
Intermediate pilots (LTF 1-2) and advanced beginner pilots supervised or accompanied.
Access to takeoff
Easy, any small car arrives are 7.5 km asphalt road from Colima and 3.5 km of paved road up the hill.
Photo takeoff
How to get
First you must get to Colima to the "Hotel Costeno" located at: Boulevard Carlos de la Madrid Bejar # 1001, from'll drive south on the Colima-Jiquilpan road hotel, from the hotel to the rise of the summit are just 7.5 Km , there will turn right (south) and go up the hill of "La Cumbre" by a very good paved road are 3.5 km climb. The car reaches the shore takeoff, no need to walk almost nothing. The takeoff is near a temple that has a ceiling sculpture of the Virgin.

The flight zone is mainly thermal, although there is a very steep hill and you can surf in the area, is recommended for intermediate pilots (LTF 1-2) to advanced, in winter there are strong thermal and should fly with caution, it is important to take off when the wind begins to enter South South-West since some days the wind gets stronger quickly.

On this site national and international competitions are held and part of the Mexican National Paragliding Championship.

Flight zone
A see taking off is recommended to fly south and cross a rib of the hill, across the rib can be seen to the left (South-East) area surfing is the best to take up, especially when you do not know the flying.
Map Flight Zone
Zona de Vuelo en Colima
Piano and Landing

Failure to cross the rib must fly west takeoff and crossing the river "El Salado" there is a large landing, there is another smaller landing heading south-west off the bottom of the rib, both have some turbulence.

If crossed rib, you will see the area in front of surfing many areas of agriculture, marked on the map Flight Zone are some common to land, access to the entrance of the village of Piscila.

Prohibited areas
This banned from flying to the north-east of the takeoff as is the National Airport of Colima "Lic. Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado"
Map of the Forbidden Zone
Zona Prohivida de Vuelo
Cross Country Trails
You can fly to West takeoff following the road to the hotel "The coastal" and follow the south of the city of Colima to the town "Rancho de Villa," and turn north to the village of "Comala" or south to the town of "Coquimatlan".
Cross Country routes in "The Summit"
Contact the 
Paragliding Club Colima AC

Tel: 01 + 312 + 3304444 
( Alejandro, Nacho or Eduardo) 
Cel 045-312-1139491 

Emergency numbers

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